Katie Shima

Brooklyn, NY, USA

About the Artist

Katie Shima is a Brooklyn-based visual artist, musician, and registered architect with a B.A. and M.Arch from Columbia University. She has exhibited widely at galleries and institutions in New York and Canada and is a founding member of the live circuit construction music group Loud Objects. Drawing on the tradition of landscape painting and the sublime, Katie Shima's work reflects a new kind of landscape for this new Anthropocene epoch of unprecedented human agency in shaping our surroundings, producing tools to support our needs and desires, and communicating with each other across vast distances.

Shima's landscapes blur the boundary between the organic and the mechanical, the hand and the machine. The artist uses contemporary fabrication tools such as the laser cutter and CNC router to extend traditional weaving, painting, and drafting techniques to the limits of perceivable detail and accuracy. Looking at her pieces, there is a sense that there are yet more layers beyond the frame, suggesting a vast and complex network that we cannot see or understand. Her works are obsessive, betraying a sense of anxiety at the vastness and complexity of the problems we face in this world. At the same time, her process of creating them is a meditative one; like a mandala, Shima views each piece as a physical expression of hope.

Recent Exhibitions

2019 - Art Omi: Single-Handedly, Ghent, NY
2018 - Con Artist Collective: Sculpture Show, New York, NY
2018 - BRIC: What Time Is It There?, Brooklyn, NY
2018 - Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism: Urban Imaginaries, Ottawa, Ontario
2017 - Stand4 Gallery: Reconceived Notions, Brooklyn, NY
2017 - All Mad Here: M.O., New York, NY
2016 - All Mad Here: super(un)natural, New York, NY
2016 - Trestle Gallery: Introductions, Brooklyn, NY

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