About Us

Founded in 2021 by vocalist and composer agent Jonny Roszak (Jonny Rose, Colordrive), Slightly Subversive is a hybrid record label & art gallery with the goal of elevating cover art to collectible, gallery-worthy pieces.

The Gallery

Based in beautiful Groningen in the north of the Netherlands, we are a young gallery and print shop featuring works by notable emerging artists from around the world. We commission an original piece of art from an established visual artist for each song or album we release and then offer prints, NFTs, and the original works to fans and collectors. 

We cast a wide net aesthetically but are particularly fond of abstract expressionist and surrealist paintings and detailed, futuristic architectural illustrations. Our favorite artists are Roberto Matta, Umberto Boccioni, and Wassily Kandinski, in addition to the wonderful artists featured in our gallery.

The Record Label

We release mostly-instrumental alternative music with a nostalgic vibe: trip-hop, post rock, synthwave, and indie electronica. Our label's mission is simple: to build the best instrumental alternative playlist and sync music library in the world, one song at a time. Please check out our Spotify and SoundCloud playlists to get a full sense of our sound.

Why this niche? Having grown up in the 80s/90s/00s, we were frustrated by the current lack of playlist options for genuinely cool, creative instrumental music that we could work, relax, and hang out with friends to. We found that most channels either featured one genre of tracks that all sounded the same or were too sleepy or intense to fit into all parts of our lives. For all those who want a go-to "anytime playlist" of unique, multi-genre alternative music, Slightly Subversive is here for you!

Our publishing division is heavily involved in the sync world and regularly pitches our catalog to production companies and studios for placement in TV shows, film trailers, video games, and ads. For usage and sync licensing inquires, please contact us.

Contact Us

Music + Visual Art + Inquiries: slightlysubversivemusic@gmail.com

For music and art submissions, please send us at least three examples of your work. We carefully consider each submission and will be in touch if we feel we're a good fit.