Britni Mara

Chicago, IL, USA

About the Artist

Britni Mara, is a visual artist living and working in Chicago. She graduated in 2013 from Bradley University with a BFA in Studio Art and completed post-graduate work at the Siena Art Institute in Siena, Italy in 2014. Mara has created several different bodies of abstract artwork in the last decade, each showcasing a new medium and topic.

While living in Italy, Mara noticed a cultural shift in the way women were viewed. From this observation she built The Cosmetic Series, painted with only beauty products, which sparked conversation about the pressure women feel to wear makeup in the U.S. largely due to the way it is marketed.

In 2017, Mara's work shifted towards a more sustainable art practice. She began painting from entirely edible, natural ingredients like beets, teas, turmeric, and avocado pits. She developed The Natural Series for several years, creating her own technique for making "paint" loosely off of natural dying processes. The artist has taught workshops and sold her natural work in a variety of cities across the U.S.

The artist's most recent series entitled The New Body revolves around her own experiences as a woman and centers on themes of sexuality, self-sexualizing, and body positivity. She photographs women and then overlays abstract painting and drawing on each photograph in an attempt to venerate those who embrace their sexuality on camera.

Recent Exhibitions

2021 Saatchi Art's The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn Edition | Group Exhibition | Brooklyn, NY
2021 4th Annual Midwest Open | Woman Made Gallery | Group Exhibition | Chicago, IL
2021 Britni Mara at Gallery Café | Solo Exhibition | Chicago, IL
2021 Abstractions | Fulton Street Collective | Group Exhibition | Chicago, IL
2021 Inaugural Show | The Hallway Gallery | Group Exhibition | Chicago, IL
2021 Rostrom 312 All Women's Group Show | Group Exhibition | Chicago, IL
2020 Roosevelt Collection Exhibition | Group Exhibition | Chicago, IL
2018 The Other Art Fair Inaugural Chicago Edition | Chicago, IL
2018 Tapster Chicago | Solo Exhibition | Chicago, IL
2018 RAW Magnify | Group Exhibition | Chicago, IL
2016 International Emerging Artist Award Finalist | Dubai


2020 R2 Companies Permanent Collection | Private | Chicago, IL
2015-2012 Olin Hall-Bradley University | Public | Peoria, IL
2013 Bradley University Permanent Collection | Public | Peoria, IL


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