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limited-edition AudioCards + single-edition fine art

Slightly Subversive commissions or acquires an original work of art from an established visual artist for each release, then mints each piece as an NFT for fans and crypto art collectors to view, buy and trade. We use Polygon's MATIC blockchain for our crypto assets to minimize transaction fees. 

We create two types of NFT for each release: a single 1/1 edition of the original artwork, and a limited-edition AudioCard collectible featuring the full song, cover art, credits, a classic music visualizer, and exclusive bonus content.  

Why NFTs?

NFTs offer a new and long-overdue way for artists to receive royalties from secondary sales of their work, and their sales help make our label's unique fine art-based model sustainable. When purchasing our NFTs, you are directly supporting our amazing artists and increasing our ability to commission and feature more of their art in the future.

As art collectors, we believe that it will become increasingly desirable to own and issue NFTs for important physical works. While nothing is scarcer than a one-of-a-kind physical piece of art, we think that the physical and crypto art worlds will become much more tightly interwoven over time.